Open Education Support and Resources at Utah Tech University.

Roadmap - 5 Years

2020-2021, Reasearch and planning with faculty committees.
2021-2022, OER pilot projects Integrate OER into RTP and policies.
2022-2025, Work with individual faculty and departments on adoption, adaptation, and creation of OER and OEP.


The mission of Open Education Services within the Utah Tech University Library is to increase student academic success and remove barriers that impede access to course materials. Using OER can improve educational costs and first-day readiness for students, as well as flexibility in course curriculum and design for faculty. 

The function of the OER program is to aid and support faculty and/or departments in implementing this content in their courses and to encourage sharing of OER materials and Open Educational Practices.

Goals and outcomes for Open Education Services by 2025 are:

Increase faculty participation in OER.

Faculty and other stakeholders report that they are very aware of OER and how it can be used in the classroom.

Reduce student financial burden for course materials.

Increase student course academic success.


Policy 620 Open Educational Resources

Addendum 641o Guidelines for using OER in the RTP process

Meeting Minutes

Planning and Reporting


Emma Lanners, MLIS
OER & Graduate Support Librarian


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