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Incentives and support have been set up to assist faculty in the adoption, adaption, and creation of OER material.


The 2022-2023 stipend budget and related funded stipend slots are pending. Please contact Emma Lanners to be added to the priority funding list..

Release time is also available depending upon department chair approval. Contact Emma Lanners for more details.

Funding is available in the form of monetary or release time. Release time must be approved by your department chair and dean.

  • 3 credit release time (FT faculty only)
  • $800 - module/lesson
  • $2400 - full course converted to OER with less than 30% original material
  • $3200 - creating new OER and full course conversion with more than 30% original material
  • Custom project budgets and continuation of projects are also available


Timelines are estimates. Some projects may take longer or shorter depending on the scope.

  • Module/lesson - 1-2 semesters
  • Full course integration and/or creating OER - 2-3 semesters


If there is compensation for an OER project there are a few requirements.

  • Agree to a joint copyright agreement
  • Any material created is deposited into a repository and shared in MEROT
  • Material must be given a Creative Commons License
  • Material will go through a peer review process
  • Assist in assessing the impact of the project and complete a final report
  • Agree to share your experience with others


To get started, please make an appointment with the OER Librarian Emma Lanners.

Guidance to do it on your own

If you choose not to go through the official program and receive compensation, you can still create OER material and will still receive support. Visit with Emma Lanners to get started and ask questions along the way.


ADD Free and Open Educational Resources You're Using or Created into MERLOT

Are you using OER in your teaching or your learning? Have you created free and open teaching materials? We invite you to catalog these resources in MERLOT. Your colleagues and students around the world will thank you!


First: Become a member of MERLOT (It will take about 2 minutes and it is FREE).

Second: Fill out the online form to contribute a Material. (It will take about 4 minutes the first time.  MERLOT provides systematic instructions on our YouTube Channel and a handout (PDF).


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